Thai Police arrested ‘Ar Yong’, Chinese man, leader of a multi-national organized crime gang.

On Oct 31, 2022, Pol Lt Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej, commissioner of the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) and the team report the progress of arresting Huang Tian Yong aka Ar Yong, Chinese man, aged 33 as per warrant of arrest no. 1112/2564 dated 8 July 64.

He was charged with human trafficking forcing victims to work illegally. He was arrested at the parking lot of Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Ramintra Road, Bangkok.

Jirabhop said at the beginning of 2564, Ar Yong and his 19 members of multi-national organized crime gang comprising Thai, Malay, Filipino and Myanmar lured Thais to work at border of Mae Sod district, Tak province by via of advertisements on social media.

Those who lured will be made to across to Myawaddy in Myanmar on foot. When arrived at Jin Xin Holdings company, the victims were forced to work as scammers tricking others to invest in digital money business or bitcoin thru online platforms.


Previously, 7 victims had been rescued. The gang has set up fake profiles in many dating applications namely Tinder, Badoo, Blumboo and Jaumo and forced victims to cheat others for personal profile and invite the targets for fake investment.

When targets called back, these workers would pass the line to team leaders who are Malay and Filipino for further management. Every day, victims were forced to work 12 hours and pressured to meet the targets otherwise they would be punished physically, head shaving or electric shock.


Victims wanting to come back Thailand have to present the gang 50,000 baht for release. Some have to ask relatives to mortgage their cars or seeking loan to obtain that amount of money. Police had collected all evidences before asking the court to issue warrant of arrest this gang and so far successfully arrested seven of them only Ar Yong that just caught.
The police learned that Ar Yong would come back Thailand in May this year for his Ar Yong Gym and boxing promotion business and traced him before successfully arrested the man.

Ar Yong denied all charges but the police will further investigate the suspect’s business including weather money invested derived from illegal action or not.

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