Be careful! Woman went for marriage certificate and got other’s death certificate as a receipt

    Morlabpanda Facebook fan page shared a story of a female fan page who went for marriage certificate and got a re-used paper receipt that previously was someone’s death certificate with personal information. She asked the authority to be more careful.

    Facebook fan page Morlabpanda shared a story of female fan page who just registered for marriage certificate and got a receipt that was re-used paper. The paper was someone’s death certificate.

    She said “hi, just registered for marriage certificate and got a receipt. The backside of it was death certificate of someone. I wanted authorities, hospitals or any agent having someone’s personal information please be more careful as nowadays, there are a lot of lawbreakers”

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    What made many readers felt unhappy is not only the death certificate that showed personal information but also the cause of death. After the story was shared, many people had texted their opinions in the comment box. Someone said for those believe in auspicious occasion how should they respond to this? While the other said “may be the officer picked wrong paper, anyway, it’s a careless work”.

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    Source: Khaosod Online