Locals Claim They See Lotto Clues On 'Rare Fish' In Sukhotai

(11 July) As the next round of lottery draw approaches, some locals in Sukhotai province are convinced they had found hints to lucky lotto numbers on a group of ?rare? fish in a canal.

The said 4 fish reside in  Mae Rumpan canal, near Wang Sadeu village, under shades of a large Caesalpinia tree. They have prominent yellow and black stripes on their bodies which are measured to be 50-60 cm. long. The locals said the fish look very much like tigers, and argue that the fish are most likely a lucky charm.

Locals said they did not know what type of fish they are. A number of villagers believed the fish share same species with giant snakehead, while some said they are of other unknown species as they had never seen such fish before. So far, the local authorities have not visited the site to determine the type of the fish.

Residents from the nearby village gathered to see the 4 fish and look for some lottery clues. Many said they saw numbers like 38,58, and 058 on the back of the strange fish.


Ms. Naeb Ruengkham, a 77-year-old woman in the neighbourhood, said she has never seen this kind of fish before. Ms. Naeb said she saw the group often chase away other fish when they come close to the ?lucky? fish′s young offsprings.

"The fish are very aggressive like tigers – like the colour on their bodies," the woman said.

According to Ms. Naeb, one neighbour of hers dreamed of finding treasures under the Caesalpinia tree. The next day, she said, the neighbour found the fish lingering in the pond by the over-100-year-oldCaesalpinia tree at the canal.