Tired of 'Abusive' Husband, Woman Asks To Be Jailed

Chamnian Thongjib, 54, Rattaphum district police office in Songkhla province, 30 May 2014.

SONGKHLA — A woman turned herself into the police with an unlicensed handgun and asked to be jailed in order to avoid her "abusive" husband.

Chamnian Thongjib, 54, a resident of Rattaphum district in Songkhla province, showed up at the district's police station yesterday morning with a homemade handgun and told baffled police officers that she would prefer to go to prison than spend one more day with her husband.

Ms. Chamnian said she has been married to her husband, who was not identified by name, for over 32 years, and they have three children together. 

"When he is in good mood, he likes to talk sweet things to me," Ms. Chamnian told the policemen, "But when he is in bad mood, he is so bad that I have to leave the house every time because I am afraid for my own safety. I also have to face family and working problems … It's too unbearable."


She added, "There are many times I want to end my life's problems by committing suicide, but I feel pity for my children and grandchildren. So I thought that if I go to prison, at least I will have the opportunity to meet and talk to my children and grandchildren sometimes."

Ms. Chamnian stressed to the police that she wanted the longest prison sentence possible, so that she will not have to meet her husband ever again.

Pol.Lt.Col Ussaman Yeetawee said he inspected the gun and found one bullet in the calibre. 

The police charged her with possessing a loaded firearm without a permit and carrying it into a residential area. The offence carries a maximum penalty of one year in prison. 

Upon being arrested and informed of her charges, Ms. Chamnian thanked the police for their cooperation. 




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