You Are What Your Cells Are

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Man, like other organisms, is so perfectly coordinated that he may easily forget, whether awake or asleep, that he is a colony of cells in action, and that it is the cells which achieve, through him, what he has the illusion of accomplishing himself. – Albert Claude

We use our body all the time, everyday, each passing year. Naturally like all else, over time our body gets old and begins to wear and tear. When things get old, we go shopping and purchase new ones. In fact often we don’t even wait for things to get old before we replace them. And when our body gets old….well, it just gets old. Or can replace it too? Maybe not replace it, but we sure can renew the cells that makes up our body. And if the cells are new, that’s almost like having a brand new body, isn’t it?

How does renewing the cells renew the body?


 A healthy body constantly replaces and regenerates cells to maintain its proper and efficient function. The cells in the body automatically divide creating more healthy cells to replace those that have been damaged by wear and tear or are old or dysfunctional cells. However with aging, all cells experience changes and become larger, are less able to divide and multiply and the pigments and fatty substances inside the cells increase. Many cells lose their ability to function, or they begin to function abnormally. When the cells malfunction, the tissue changes and eventually your organs also change and loses its efficiency. Because of this, put simply, we often need to externally assist in creating a healthier environment for the cells so that they maintain their health and youth.


At what age do the cells begin to wear and tear?

Each person ages at a unique rate. Some systems begin aging as early as age 30 while others age much later in life. These changes appear slowly and over a long period of time. Most people do not notice this loss, because you rarely need to use your organs to their fullest ability. But when an organ is worked harder than usual that’s when you’ll notice its inability to function optimally. Earlier, the aging process commonly began at the age of 35-45, but nowadays because of the changing lifestyle it’s become even younger, many people come in soon after they turn 30.

What are the symptoms to look for and do these differ in men and women?

Not necessarily, but most women tend to pay special attention to their appearance in comparison, so for women it’s easier to recognize the changes in your skin’s health. For instance, in the past if you had no skin problems but recently your skin feels dry, oily or more sensitive, then that could be a sign. Signs may also come in the form of your hair or nails’ damages, or you may even experience changes in your periodic cycle. When these peculiar changes occur, you should visit a doctor for preventive remedies before it gets worse. 

Men may notice a drop in sexual desire and thinking process. They may even feel they can’t make quick decisions like they did in the past. For the working people if you begin to notice a deficiency in work performance, it could be a sign of deterioration of the brain cells. Basically because cells make the entire body, any kind of aging signs are symptoms of cells degeneration.

How can we work on maintaining the cells?

The goal of cell therapy is the prevention, cure or mitigation of diseases or injuries by repairing, replacing or restoring damaged cells, tissues and organs. There are various choices of regenerative cell therapies depending on your condition.  If you’re at an early preventive stage, we can just begin with the removal of toxins by Multi Organ Detox. A simple choice for cell therapy is a total nutrition therapy. This can be done with lifestyle changes, diet improvement or it can be taken as cell food supplements to stimulate your cells without any chemicals.

For those who need a more intensive treatment then we can use homeopathic medications or vitamin infusions. Vitamin infusion is a method of feeding key vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into a patient’s bloodstream. In bypassing the digestive system, a much higher level of nutrition is delivered directly to your cells. These nutrients help the cells which are performing below par to achieve improved wellness.

And what can be done to treat cells that have already deteriorated?


 To repair damaged cells, we can use bio energy stimulation or hormonal adjustments. To understand bio energy, we must know that each cell needs to be able to pass on energy or electrical charges to other cells, to renew and reproduce. Disruptions, blockages and clouding of energy quickly affects the renewal of cells. Bio-Energy uses the channeling of energy waves to reduce bad energy and stimulate the aura within the cells thus improving cell reproduction.  

Hormonal adjustments are quite commonly used to treat testosterone deficiency in men and estrogen deficiency in women. However, it can be used for almost any of the body’s dysfunctions. The hormones in the body can be balanced with a personalized recommended lifestyle change, herbal remedies or even hormone replacement therapies.  These are all natural healing processes. For even more extreme cases, we can also use stem cells to improve well being. Basically, cell therapy can used to treat almost anything, from just being lethargic to life-threatening diseases by creating an environment for the cells to renew or by externally replacing the old cells.

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