Walk This Way: Animals Invade Krabi Crosswalks

KRABI — Cuteness warning: Be careful crossing these junctions or speeding slaughter cars may hit you.

Krabi city excited citizens and tourists today by painting crosswalks with designs other than boring, straight white lines. The so-called zebra crossings at certain intersections now include the wider animal kingdom.

Each design matches its junction’s name: Tiger pawprints at Sua Keaw Dab, soaring eagles at Nok Insri and elephant footprints at Chang.

City mayor Keeratisak Phukaoluan said the new crossings were made to kill the tedium of traditional crossing patterns and promote art in the city which in recent years has added a number of whimsical public art projects.

The budget was 270 baht per sqm, and Keeratisak said the paintjob was expected to last three or four years.