Wounded ‘Muntjac’ Escapes Hunter, Seeks Police Protection

Bleeding onto the floor from gunshot wounds, a muntjac seeks sanctuary Thursday inside a Trat province police station.

TAK — When a dog-sized deer got shot by a hunter today in Tak province, she knew where to go for help.

The young muntjac – a protected species under Thai wildlife laws – ran bleeding from a gunshot wound into the Mae Thor Police Station on Thursday, where officers called for help and a veterinarian, according to Lt. Col. Pollakrit Puengchit, an officer on duty at the time.

Officers believe the deer was shot in Lan Sang National Park before it ran for help. The muntjac is now under the care of local wildlife protection agency, Pollakrit said. 



“The distance from the police station is far from the forest boundary, and there’s a residential area in between, yet the muntjac still ran for her life to seek our help,” he said

Wildlife officials from the park said the young muntjac had just recently given birth.

It was unclear whether they were looking to arrest the hunter. Under the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act of 1992, those guilty of hunting protected wildlife face up to four years in prison.

Update: The muntjac succumbed to her injuries and died this morning, according to a police officer from the station.



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