Thai Nurse Saves German Tourist, by Roadside CPR (Video)

A 39-year-old nurse, Srikanya Cheuarop, was trying  to rescue a German cyclist as seen in a video posted Saturday.

SURAT THANI — During a New Year holiday trip with her family, Srikanya Cheuarop, stopped her car without hesitation, to perform a resuscitation which saved the life of a 49-year-old German cyclist.

Posted Saturday, the clip showing the minutes when an off-duty nurse in civilian clothing, went to the rescue of an unconscious German man has gone viral. The rescuer, who reportedly works in male neurosurgery department, said she was travelling with her family for a vacation, when she saw a foreign man waving for help by the side of the Surat – Na San Road. That man was also holding onto another man who appeared to be in trouble.

“The patient's friend said a few cars drove past, yet no one stopped to help,” said the 39-year-old nurse. “If I had continued travelling without helping him, I could not have had a fun trip.”


The German national, identified as Gunter Retsch, was cycling on the 200-kilometre route from Surat Thani’s Don Sak pier to Krabi. His friend said they planned to spend 12 days at their destination before returning to Koh Phangan.

After first aid CPR, Retsch was transferred to Surat Thani Hospital where Srikanya works and is now reportedly in a safe condition.





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