Chiang Mai Inventor’s Ingenuity Goes to the Dogs (VIDEO)

CHIANG MAI — Call it a bold technological advancement or a new, effective way to punish your dog.

A video clip posted Saturday shows a demonstration of a homemade dog-washing machine in Chiang Mai, with a white poodle-cum-guinea pig strapped inside the contraption to get a full body wash from more than a dozen automatic brushes.

The Rube Goldberg-esque apparatus appears to make extensive use of household pvc pipes and broom heads.


The innovation has received both positive and negative feedback.



“Holy crap, my cat will just love this. I assume this works on cats as well. I trust it will be simple to set up. Man, these guys are going to make millions from this,” a comment from Dittyd on LiveLeak reads.

Another user placed animal welfare before human advancement.

“Not surprising, coming from a country where dogs are seen as nothing more than objects. Therefore they need to be washed quickly and efficiently too, like other objects, without considering the dog's feelings,” LiveLeak user Phon Flux said.

To be fair at least, the two owners stayed with the dog through the whole cleaning process.

“[The dog] is shivering. Probably (s)he’s cold or something,” the male owner comments before a woman’s voice can be heard confirming, “[The dog is] cold.”

Although the inventor remains unidentified, Nong Deaw seems to be the name of the poor poodle. We can only hope the dog dryer never gets off the drawing board.




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