CHIANG MAI — Northerners will be able to feast on the sights of proud Lanna tradition with three dance performances next month.

Talented local artists and alumni from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts will present traditional and contemporary Neo Lanna performances at “Divine Dance and Music” on the occasion of their hometown’s 720th anniversary. Neo Lanna is the contemporary reimagining of the once-lost traditions of the Lanna kingdom.

“Lanna performing art had once disappeared from Thailand. However, the remaining mural arts, literature and language were the sources for performing artists to redevelop their forms,” said Ronnarong Khampha, a traditional northern and contemporary dancer who’s helped organize the event from its beginning. “Neo Lanna recently has enjoyed a resurgence in the past 30 years to explore the roots of Lanna traditional dance and music in the north, but it is presented in a contemporary form to sustain the Lanna identity.”


As the support for local artist and students is scarce, the revenue from the event will be provided to Chiang Mai Art Sprout Group and students of Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University to further sustain Thai performing art.

Tickets are 300 baht (100 baht for students). Find more information here.


Performances will be held at 7pm on Aug. 5, as well as 2pm and 7pm on Aug. 6 at the Chiang Mai University Art Museum.