Hot Haze in Bangkok, Hot Hail in the North

Top: Heat hits Nakhon Ratchasima province on Monday with temperatures hitting 40C. Thailand expects to see highs of 40C for the next week, punctuated by hail and thunderstorms in the north.

BANGKOK — Expect the capital city to be so hot – a sweltering high of 40C all week – the air next between the moo ping vendors will shimmer from the sidewalk heat as soaring temperatures were blamed for a second death on Tuesday.

The hot weather forecast prompted health officials to warn the public to take precautions after Samai Jintumra, 79, died Monday in Nakhon Ratchasima province. The death of 78-year-old Sa-ngob Udanon on Tuesday in western metro Bangkok was also blamed on the heat.

“Residents should avoid [prolonged exposure] and drink enough clean water to avoid heat stroke,” said a Monday night report by the Thai Meteorological Department.

While scattered showers may provide relief here and there in Bangkok, thunderstorms are expected in the north, northeast and central provinces, accompanied by strong winds and a chance of hail through Sunday. But the heat will still be felt in those regions, with highs of 40C expected.

The south will be slightly less hot, with highs of 36C under cloudy skies and scattered rains through Friday.

Before anyone complains, the meteorological department disputes it qualifies as a heat wave.

“Heat waves occur when temperature increases over 5C for more than five days,” it said in Monday night’s report. “While the daytime temperature may reach over 40C, they aren’t outstanding numbers and will cool down at night.”

So keep that in mind if it seems really hot.

During last year’s summer, the hottest since 1960, there were at least 21 heat-related deaths nationwide.

The roof of a man’s home was ripped off by a thunderstorm Monday night in northern metro Bangkok’s Pathum Thani province.

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