Monsoon Erodes 500 Meters of Na Jomtien Beach; Authorities Begin Repairs

Na Jomtien
Na Jomtien beach

PATTAYA – The current erosion problem at Na Jomtien Beach is due to the monsoon and rainy season bringing storms and rain to the Gulf of Thailand.

Na Jomtien Beach, where the Marine Department had piled up sand, is an open beach that is directly connected to the sea and stretches for 2.8 kilometers. When monsoon winds occur, they create ocean waves that hit the shore and cause natural erosion along the beach slope.

On Tuesday, Ekkarach Khantharo, Director of Pattaya Regional Marine Office, together with Ms. Rapeephan Rattanaliem, Mayor of Na Jomtien Sub-district, Pattaya Marine Office officials, municipal engineers and public health officials inspected the erosion damage on Na Jomtien beach opposite Pu Pen restaurant. The aim was to find a solution to the problem caused by monsoon waves and heavy rain.

Thai authorities inspected the erosion damage on Na Jomtien beach opposite Pu Pen restaurant on June 10, 2024.

Ekkarach explained that At Na Jomtien Beach, a 1,000-meter-long section of the sand-filled area has eroded into the sea and a 400-meter-long section drops 1.5 meters steeply. This erosion poses a safety risk to the public and tourists, especially at night when accidents can occur.


To avoid accidents and unforeseen incidents, the Pattaya Marine Office and Na Jomtien Municipality have taken urgent safety measures. They are in the process of reducing the steep slope of the 1.5 meter high beach area to make it safer. Heavy machinery is being used to level the sand and collect the sand blown into the sea. This process is expected to take 2-3 days. In addition, warning signs will be put up to inform the public and tourists about the erosion problem and advise them to temporarily avoid the area.

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Thai authorities inspected the erosion damage on Na Jomtien beach opposite Pu Pen restaurant.

Rapeephan Rattanaliem explained that the city government has taken measures to solve the problems of local residents, tourists and affected businesses to reduce the impact. Over the past two days, public health officials have been clearing sand from the streets and washing them with water trucks.

In addition, a solution has been agreed with Pattaya’s navy officials. It was agreed to plant trees along the beach to stabilize the sand and prevent it from affecting passers-by. Heavy machinery will also be used to smooth the sand and create a gentler slope.

Public announcements inform the public and tourists not to use the area for photography for the time being.