Hundreds of Betta Fish Survive From Fire at Chatuchak Pet Market

Police officers take hundreds of surviving Siamese Fighting Fish to be reunited with their owners.

BANGKOK There are some lucky pets that survived Thailand’s worst fire for pets, including Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta Fish, said a police officer.

Police Lieutenant General Trirong Phiewphan, Commander of the Central Institute of Forensic Science, along with a team of forensic officers, visited the scene of the fire at the Srisomrat Market project in the Chatuchak area on June 12, 2024.


Pol.Lt.Gen. Trirong stated that on June 11, there were safety concerns due to residual heat and falling concrete fragments observed during the fire scene inspection in the pet building. As a result, the team has returned for another inspection today. They found hundreds of Siamese Fighting Fish are among the surviving animals and have been reunited with their owners.


Moreover, the initial inquiry established a potential point of origin for the fire based on information from a security guard. Early findings indicated that the suspected origin of the fire contained electrical devices and revered items, including a Kuman Thong idol honored by the shop owner.

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Police officer discovers hundreds of Siamese Fighting Fish are among the surviving animals.

An extensive investigation will be carried out to establish the precise cause of the fire. The outcomes will be fast-tracked while ensuring thoroughness. Professionals specializing in structural inspection and electrical appliances will participate in the inquiry to determine the source of the ignition.

Additionally, an electrical expert has already been presented on-site to help identify the actual cause of the fire.