Fan favourite Disney Music returns with the RBSO

The Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and B. Grimm Group Ltd. – at 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm on Saturday the 22nd of June at the Thailand Cultural Centre, present a concert featuring the music of classic Disney animations. Dr. Vanich Potavanich, director and resident conductor of the RBSO, will return to conduct this family-focused performance.

He is an experienced conductor who received the Silpathorn Artist Awards – 2014, awarded by the Ministry of Culture. Dr. Vanich has served as Principal Trumpet of the Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra from 1986 until the present.

As a prolific composer and arranger, his works cover more than three hundred original compositions and arrangements. He is presently a Composer in Residence at Rangsit University. Although Maestro has conducted the RBSO through more serious classical concerts, he is capable of bringing his energy towards themed concerts, recently conducting the sold-out performances of Anime and Hans Zimmer.

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The RBSO is no stranger to themed concerts and their importance in engaging a younger audience. Disney, in particular, is renowned for its high-quality storytelling, with music playing a crucial role in creating memorable cinematic experiences. The songs in Disney movies enhance the storytelling by setting the tone, developing characters, advancing the plot, and foreshadowing future events.

They also help viewers connect emotionally with the characters, evoking nostalgia and engaging young audiences. Disney’s music has become ingrained in pop culture and entertainment, with individual melodies and cadence becoming iconic.

Each one of your favourite characters and soundtracks from the Walt Disney Animation Studios is instantly recognisable, having affected the lives of millions of viewers for over a century. Beyond entertainment, these Films are filled with important messages about friendships, family and overcoming challenges. 

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This concert takes you on a symphonic magic carpet ride through some of Disney’s most memorable scores and songs, featuring Disney Princesses from Mulan, Aladdin, Tangled, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Pocahontas, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Of course, Disney Music would be incomplete without the vocalists; therefore, this concert will feature the voices of Pijika Jittaputta, Kimiko Mashima, Gracy Wizzle and Kemawat Rungtham. Don’t miss their renditions of Disney music for all ages, which transport you to another world and make you believe in magic.



Tickets are available at Thaiticketmajor:

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