Biggest Mini Town to Open in Bangkok (Photos)

BANGKOK Meet mini Hoover Dam, mini Anfield Stadium and a mini railroad roundhouse. See the mini people go about their mini lives as Thailand takes modeling to the next level with a sprawling town at 1:87 scale in the Ekamai area this week.

Spanning over 1,000sqm on the second floor of the Gateway Ekamai shopping mall, Stanley MiniVenture will open Thursday. The open space of buildings and models is billed as the first 1:87-scale miniature town in Thailand, and the largest in Asia.

Khaosod English got in for a mini peek Friday – check out the photos below.

train gif


Stanley MiniVenture covers 11 theme zones including a desert, beach, cave, residential, historical sites and an airport. Very Thai is the last zone added and will feature a mini Chinatown and mini Victory Monument. Expect to see models of childhood memories such as trains, ships and planes while learning of the world’s history and diversity from lifestyles to geographic features.

Stanley MiniVenture opens at 3pm on Wednesday. Day tickets for adults are 650 baht and 450 baht for children 80 centimeters to 130 centimeters. The regular operating hours will be 12:15pm to 8pm.


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