BANGKOK — Exhibitions, installations and performances in various disciplines interpreting the works of German-language writer Franz Kafka are coming to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in November.

The Unfolding Kafka Festival, a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, will return a second year for a three-week run in Bangkok and two days in Chiang Mai.

Festival founder Jitti Chompee wants people to appreciate works from dynamic, contemporary international artists never seen before in Southeast Asia and to educate young enthusiasts with free lectures and workshops.

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Artists such as Yoko Seyama, who will show a kinetic light installation, Israeli Roni Chadash’s dance that explores femininity through her amorphous body and Hiroaki Umeda’s spectacle of light and body.

Jitti will stage his contemporary dance performance “Red Peter,” which last showed in September.

The festival is supported by Goethe-Institut Thailand, Japan Foundation, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and the French Embassy.

Jitti said it needs more resources to go forward, and he has turned to crowdfunding to make the upcoming event possible and secure its return for 2019.

Contributions can be made via Asiola until July 15. As of Tuesday noon, the campaign had reached 67,700 baht of its 500,000 baht goal.

Festival passes are available for 1,650 baht (500 baht for students) while supplies last and can be booked by email. Single-event tickets range from 50 baht to 800 baht can be booked by email or purchased at the event.

Detailed information on the program and schedule is available online.

In Bangkok, the festival will be held three weeks from Nov. 3 to 22 at Goethe-Institut Thailand and Bangkok CityCity Gallery in Soi Sathon 1, the Rose Hotel Bangkok on Surawong Road and Sodsai Pantoomkomol Center for Dramatic Arts at Chulalongkorn University.

The Chiang Mai edition will be held Nov. 24 and 25 at the Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum.