Feast on Election Day Frenzy and American Breakfast Wednesday

Caricatures of Hillary Clinton, left, and Donald Trump. The presidential candidates are set to go head to head for the first time on Monday night's television debate in Hoffstra University, New York. Photo: DonkeyHotey / Flickr

BANGKOK — Which way will Florida tilt? Who will be the first to reach the magic number of 270? Will the loser concede graciously?

Political junkies keen to savor the last few hours of drama in the tumultuous U.S. elections with like-minded folks (or an adversarial crowd) over breakfast are invited to do so at a barbecue and beer joint near Silom Road.

Democrats Abroad Thailand is hosting a returns-watching party early Wednesday morning at Roadhouse Barbecue, where live CNN coverage will bring the long and historic elections cycle to an end, one way or the other.

The event starts at 7am and runs all day on Nov. 9 on all three floors of Roadhouse. Hungry but don’t want to walk out to eat and miss a moment? A breakfast buffet will be served for 400 baht per person.

Admission is free. The American bar and restaurant sits on the corner of Rama IV and Surawong roads, walkable from MRT Silom or BTS Sala Daeng.

Photo: Roadhouse BBQ Bangkok / Facebook
Photo: Roadhouse BBQ Bangkok / Facebook

Up in the north? Chiang Mai residents can watch the returns come in on screens from 8am to noon at the UN Irish Pub on Ratvithi Road in Chiang Mai city.