October for Kids: Create Your Own Masterpiece at TK Park

Kids, it’s October and that means the school holidays are here again!

TK Park is thrilled to announce that it has created some awesome play-based learning activities for creative kids to celebrate the arrival of this happy time. Our creative days are fun and educational with a focus on learning and developing thinking and artistic skills.

Kids are invited to engage in art and craft activities like painting, drawing and making crafts that promote creativity and self-expression. They can experiment with colours, lines and shapes, developing their artistic abilities.


Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 21st, when we dive into the enchanting world of “The House in the Night” by Susan Marie Swanson and Beth Krommes. Following the storytelling session, children will have the opportunity to participate in a drawing workshop, where they can experiment, create, and revel in the art of crafting eerie yet captivating line art.

Join us for Freedom Learn on both Saturday, October 14th, and Saturday, October 28th. This empowering activity encourages children to express themselves freely through various arts and crafts. Designed to stimulate creativity and foster learning through play, Freedom Learn encourages youngsters to think outside the box and invent new ideas, cultivating their imaginations and talents.


Come and join the activities every Saturday in October, from 2pm-4pm at TK Park’s Kids Room on the 8th floor of the CentralWorld, on Rajdamri Road, Patumwan District, Bangkok.

For more information about activities in November and December, please go to https://www.tkpark.or.th/tha/what_on