Cowed by Social Media, Bangkok Taco Bell to Add Beef

Image: Taco Bell Thailand / Facebook

BANGKOK — An American fast food chain that opened in Bangkok without any of its famed “supreme” beef fare will take action after it became a laughing stock on social media.

Writing online, domestic franchise owner Chalermchai “Kueng” Mahagitsiri promised to put meat back on the menu after the firm finds a suitable source. It was a reversal for the company, which had insisted beef was excluded from its first Bangkok store after “extensive market research.”

“Taco Bell Thailand would like to thank all customers for their positive reception and inquiries for the top-hit dish,” Chalermchai wrote. “The company is currently in the process of selecting quality beef that meets our standards. I will update everyone again.”

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The popular American Tex-Mex chain opened its doors Thursday at the MercuryVille shopping mall by BTS Chit Lom following much online hype.

But some of those who drove, rode the Skytrain or hoofed it to queue up for opening day were deeply disappointed to learn beef was somehow omitted from the menu. The response was swift and more searing than a chalupa left on the grill too long.

In replies to comments on its Facebook page, Taco Bell Thailand said the decision was based on market research, and urged the customers to try “unique” items for Thai menu instead.

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Predictably, unamused fans soon flooded Taco Bell Thailand’s online presence with their grievances.

“Taco Fail! Right up there with ‘New Coke.’ You don’t mess with a winning formula, pendejos!” user Rusty Lerner wrote.

“My Beef is you don’t serve beef!” added Sivaporn Dardarananda.


“Which part of your brain thought of selling tacos without beef?” user Nitisart Laws asked, adding that he would return to rival and precursor Sunrise Taco for his needs.

But others also asked: Why so much hate?

“I don’t understand the complaint over beef. Quit bitching about it and go try the food for what it is,” user Chandler Johnson commented. “The tacos tasted identical to the American counter parts and to be honest I had no clue it wasn’t beef (looks like it’s seasoned chicken). I’ll definitely be back again.”