Divine Penis Anthill Erupts With Lottery Mojo For Yasothon

YASOTHORN — Luck-seekers flocked to pray for lucky lottery numbers Monday from an anthill shaped like a divine penis in Yasothon province.

Veeraphol Phongsai, 49 of Yasothon city, led a group of people to pray in front of an anthill around his resident which he dubbed a “Shiva-lingam anthill” for its apparent similarity to the phallic power of the Hindu god.

The man claimed he had now won the lottery 15 consecutive times, which he said began after a dream about his long-dead grandparents who told him that it is hot in the afterlife and they wanted to live under a tree because they were homeless.

The man then discovered a 60-centimeter anthill under a tree in his farm and believed the spirits of his ancestors had come to reside there.



Hearing the news, villagers flocked to make offerings, including incense, candles, red pop soda and token money. He claims a female worshiper recently won a 300,000-baht jackpot and hired 40 traditional dancers to offer homage as supplicants.

The man said it appeared worshippers spotted the numbers two and three. The Thai lottery runs twice monthly and sees many seek inspiration from all kind of objects, including airport crashes and dead pig fetuses.

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