Thailand Targets 7.5 Billion Baht from On-Location Foreign Film Shoots

The White Lotus” Season 3

BANGKOK — After the COVID-19 pandemic, the foreign film production business has continuously grown. Therefore, Thai government aims to generate more revenue.

On June 24, 2024, Sermsak Pongpanich, Minister of Tourism and Sports emphasized that the government recognizes the importance of foreign film production, as foreign films have an influential role in attracting tourists to visit various locations featured in the films, as well as in encouraging them to follow in the footsteps of famous actors.

Sermsak Pongpanich, Minister of Tourism and Sports

In 2023, revenue from foreign film productions amounted to over 6.753 billion baht (184 million USD), setting the highest record since the promotion of foreign film production in Thailand began. From January to May 2024 (within five months), Thailand hosted film productions worth up to 3.416 billion baht (93 million USD).

Moreover, the government believes that the wide range of stunning settings in Thailand, combined with the skilled local crews accustomed to international film projects, the support from government bodies, and, notably, the attractive 20% cash rebate incentive, will make Thailand a more popular choice for foreign film productions.


The Ministry of Tourism and Sports has set a target to yield over 7.5 billion baht (204 million USD) in revenue from foreign film productions by 2024. Additionally, it aspires to cultivate film tourism by drawing visitors to sites featured in major international movies filmed in Thailand, which will greatly contribute to the Thai economy.

Mr. Sermsak also revealed that he had assigned Ms. Penpisut Jintasopon, Secretary to the Minister of Tourism and Sports, to welcome Mr. Scott Schaeffer, Senior Vice President of HBO Production for “The White Lotus S3”, a globally popular series that has swept Emmy Awards. The production team has been filming in Thailand since February of this year.

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Mr. Scott expressed his admiration for the professionalism of the Thai crew and appreciated the facilitation provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, as well as other relevant government agencies and local communities. He mentioned that the filming locations in Thailand are of world-class beauty, highlighting the stunning scenery of Koh Samui, Phuket, and various islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

The intention to produce a series in Thailand was mainly driven by the country’s attractive incentive measures, which HBO and Warner Bros. have endorsed as the best in Asia.

When the series is released, it is expected to attract tourists to the filming locations, produce revenue for the tourism sector, generate employment opportunities, and boost economic activity, thereby positively impacting the future of the tourism industry.



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