Phuket Stunned by Cop’s Sick Street Moves (Video)

PHUKET — Helmet? Check. Safety vest and handgun? Check. Totally fly moves? Hell yes of check. A traffic cop revealed his secret B-boy identity and like-a-pro skills Saturday night while working a Phuket city marathon.

Lance Cpl. Netpirun Sooksri broke it down on film for curious onlookers and got sick all over the soi with everything from the robot to a handstand-salute. The performance took place before the Phuket Night Run event to the great pleasure of some night runners and passers-by.

Netpirun, 29, told Matichon he was inspired by Michael Jackson and since high school has been studying dance moves from television, YouTube and movies.

Police don’t always enjoy the most sterling reputations, but netizens had nice things to say about Netpirun.

“Finding a cop like this – it’s like finding an angel,” Facebook user Narongsak Pongpaew wrote in a comment.

User Gotong Art Retro said if Netpirun could be guilty of such dope moves, he would not plead innocent.

“If a cop pulls me over this way, I’d admit to all the charges,” Gotong wrote.

Photo: Matichon
Photo: Matichon