Saiburi Man Shot Dead After Son’s 300,000 THB Sex Scandal

(25 April) Police chief of Saiburi district in Pattani, Colonel Jiraset Daongenkul deployed police and military administration, with EOD officers, and Pattani probation officers to investigate the scene of the shooting of Mr. Yaka Maming, 66, who was shot to death while taking a stroll in the village as he arrived in front of house number 107.

He was shot dead by a criminal using 9 mm firearms who put bullets into the head and the body of the victim – causing a near-instant death.

Authorities believe this is a result of a personal conflict due to an unresolved argument. The
perpetrator had demanded 300,000 THB within 3 days from Mr.Yaka, stating that if he does not comply, he will be shot to death.

Reportedly, the victim’s son had sexual relations with the perpetrator’s daughter without
the knowledge of the parents. When caught, the girl’s family demanded monetary compensation. The family repeated this demand after waiting for 2 years before ending Mr. Yaka’s life with a 9mm firearm, police said.

Currently, authorities are collecting evidence in order to carry out the arrest warrant.