Constitutional Court Files Charges Against Redshirts Protesters

(26 April) 4 Redshirts are accused of insulting the Thai Constitutional Court after leading a protest outside the Court building.


At the Crime Suppression Division headquarters in Bangkok today, a representative of the Court filed the charges of insulting the court according to Article 136 and 198 of the Criminal Laws against Mr. Pisit Pongsana, Mr. Tanachai Seehin, Mr. Mongkol Nhongbualampoo, and Mr. Sornrak Malaitong. The Court′s representative also handed CD recordings of the speeches to the police as evidences.

According to the complaint document filed by the Court, the Redshirt protesters criticized the Court′s judges, causing grievous damage to the reputation of the Justices of the Constitutional Court. The complaint also accused the protesters of inciting a widespread disobedience among the populace.

Earlier, around 200 Redshirts camped outside the Court building in Bangkok′s Laksi area, to voice their anger against what they see as inference of the judicial powers into politics.