Man Knifed To Death For 'Pork Blood Soup' Joke

(30 April) On early morning today police received reports of a teenager being knifed to death in front of the Klong Hok branch of Krung Thai bank, Pathumthani. Police officials arrived at the scene of the crime along with Por Teck Tung Foundation volunteers.

Mr.Krisna Seedum, 22, was found dead on the pavement in a pool of blood near a food stall.
Investigations reveal that the victim was stabbed with a knife 5 times in his back area.
Investigations also reveal that the victim was with 2 friends, Mr Siwa Sirit who has wounds on his
nose and face, and Mr.Chalermpol Rungrerk.

According to witnesses, the victim had ordered
pork’s blood soup – a common Thai dish – at the food stall only to be told that they were sold out.
Mr.Krisna then jokingly says to the vendor that he should just use the blood of the customers at the
table next to his.


Not 3 minutes after his remark, the group of 4-5 teenagers at the next
table got up and attacked Mr.Krisna and his friends. One of them used a knife to attack and kill
Mr.Krishnaon the spot. After the incident, the suspects left the knife lodged in the victim’s back
and escaped via car in the direction of Ratchamongkoltunya University, Klong Hok.


On site
investigations reveal the group of teenagers to be a loan collection gang. Police officials are in
the process of investigating the crime scene and obtaining security footage from nearby cameras for

Additionally, the police officials have handed over Mr.Krishna’s body for an
autopsy at the department of corrections, Thammasat hospital (Rangsit) to further determine the
cause of death.