'Lucky' Two-Headed Gekco Becomes Local Sensation

(30 April) Locals flocked to pray to a two-headed gecko in Baan Mar Keed, Taak province, believing the animal is sign of good luck that predicts potential lottery number.


The 2-inch gecko was found inside the property of Ms. Dee Jarodyen, 78. Our correspondent
said the gecko appeared to be quitestrong and could walk normally. The owner of the house turned on
the electric fan for thegecko, fearing that it may die from the heat.

Ms. Dee said that she
caught the gecko in the bathroom. At first, she said, she was shocked since she has never seen a two
headed gecko in her life. She then put it in a plastic box and called her children and family to
come take a look at the gecko. News of this strange gecko spread, leading visitors to her house to
interpret the gecko for lucky lottery numbers, such as 142, which is the house number.

Ms.Dee added that she plans to raise this gecko inside the house and believes it will bring
good luck.