Australian Man Fell To His Death In Pattaya

(30 April) Pattaya police today received reports of a foreigner falling from a beachside condominium building on Jom Tien beach, Chonburi province, to his death.


The body of Mr.Mark Anthony Woodward, 45, of Australian nationality, was found in the
parking lot after he fell from the 21st floor. He was wearing a white shirt and jeans. His legs were
twisted and his scalp shattered. A digital camera was attached to the dead body.

The security
guard of the building said while he was on duty, sitting on a chair at the sceneof the accident, he
saw a drunken man walking to a room on the 21st floor. Then, the man’sbody hit the ground in a
horrifying crash. He then called the police.

Pol.Lt.Kwanchai revealed that while
investigating the rented room, medication for depressionand a cell phone was found and confiscated
as evidence. Primary cause of the accident points to Mr.Mark either drunkenly straining to take a
photograph of the city, accidentally falls to his death, or it may have been suicide due to