Tripple Budded Coconut Tree Attracts Lotto Hunters

(1 May) A coconut tree with 3 buds had been discovered in Ang Thong province, with many locals flocking to see the strange tree.

Ms. Prasert Tipawatee, 69, is the owner of the 80 cm. tall coconut tree, with 3 separate 3
m. buds, as opposed to a regular coconut tree that has only 1 bud.

Locals gather to sneak a
peek at this strange tree and offer their theories on it. Some say the tree is a token of good luck
for the family and whoever gets to see it. Some light 9 incense sticks in order to pay respect to
the coconut tree.

Apart from this, some also scan the tree for lucky lottery numbers since
lottery day is only 1 day away. The numbers 30 and 31 seem to be popular and locals express that
they have never seen a 3-budded coconut tree in their lives.

Ms. Prasert states that the tree
is a fragrant coconut tree, which is one of the trees she had bought to plant 8 years ago. During
the flood, 3 of the trees died, leaving only this one at 50 cm tall.

The buds have started to
sprout 5 years ago, but she hadn’t informed anyone of this unusual tree, although she does believe
that it brings good luck to the residents of the house since her nephew had succeeded in his cadet
examinations, and another one graduated from law school.