More Bridges Are Closed Off After Ayutthaya Incident

(2 May) Nationwide investigations reveal that a number of bridges is in shockingly poor condition, leading to more close-offs and netizens? furor over the negligence by local authorities.

In Prachin Buri province, residents complained of the suspension bridge between Moon Lek Temple and Sa-nga-ngam Temple which looks seriously damaged and in need of repair. In Pichit province, there is another damaged suspension bridge with malformed pole dome structure which people are afraid it would fall, asking the governor to have it closed.

Residents say a bridge over the river in Amphoe Non Suung, Nakhon Ratchasima province, was heavily damaged after the great flood last year thanks to water erosion and collapsed bridge abutment. Police already opens investigation into the company contracted with its construction.

Meanwhile, Pol.Col. Jitkasem Sonkam, chief of Ta Reua police station, Ayutthaya, discussed the progress of the investigation to determine the cause of Bicentennial Bridge which collapsed and killed 4 people last week.



He said the police station has already asked the construction engineers and director of the company to be investigated about the bridge.

Thanet Veerasiri, secretary of Engineering Institute of Thailand, said his team will do the maintenance- measure the wire rollers and check wires at every point to see if there are any missing wires.

Our correspondent has learned that residents warned the authorities about the bridge before the accident, but there was no renovation. Police said if this claim was true, those responsible would face an additional charge of involuntary manslaughter.