Monk Reincarnated Into A Bird, Locals Insist

(7 May) Our correspondent has received reports of a "miraculous event" that happened during funeral of Phra Kru (Temple Master) Boonchuay Tummajaree, abbot of Na Fai Temple in Phrae province last week.

Mr.Anusorn Promrungka, director of Ratbumroong School, who attended the funeral, said religious rites were being carried out for the funeral of this senior monk when a bird whose coloring is
emarkably similar to monk robes – with a yellow torso, ombred into yellowish red towards the bottom, black and white wings, and yellow and black tail – flew into the temple and rested on the chairs in the funeral service.

After the service, Mr. Anusorn said, the bird flew into the chapel and flew around in circles 2-3 times, then rested on the wall and the top tiers of the Buddha statue, scanning the attendees of the funeral service with its black eyes.

During that time, the religious rites were taking place and many important officials of the village was among the attendees. One of the attendees suggested the bird might want to drink coffee. So, coffee was given to the bird. After the service, many people came over to look at and touch the bird. The bird then flew to the flower arrangements near the portrait of the deceased monk.

Attendees gathered to ask the bird whether it was, indeed, Phrakru Boonchuay.

Mr. Jon Kaewsook, headman of Nai Fai and a friend of Phrakru Boonchuay, challenged the bird, saying “If this bird is really Phrakru Boonchuay, then pirch on my arm.” Then, the bird jumped onto his arm immediately.

Onlookers were reportedly dumbfounded by the incident. The district administrator, overcome with wonder and faith, announced he will be the host in building the shrine for the body of the senior monk to rest in. The bird then swiftly flew to the monk offerings and scanned the attendees of the funeral once more. That night the bird rested on the
monk’s food bowl throughout the night.

The bird remained in the vicinity of the temple until the next evening. Two of the attendees said they won the 2 number lotto with the numbers 58, which was the age of the deceased monk.

Phraku Boonchuay had been ordained for 17 years before passing away on April 28th.