Tour Buses Barred From Parking Near Grand Palace

(7 May) Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) officials said after a meeting to set traffic regulations around Wat Pra Kaew and the Grand Palace that the tour buses and cars parked around the area, waiting for the tourists, have posed problems to traffic in the area.

The officials said the Administration has set a parking area for these vehicles at the station for these tour buses which can accommodate 200 tour buses at no extra cost.

BMA will proceed to install metal plates at the Wisetchaichan door of Wat Phra Kaew on May 8th to deter vehicle parking in the area, effective 9 May onwards.

Traffic problems need to be solved before the opening of the school semester, they say. Mr. Sukhumbhand Paribatra, governor of Bangkok will make an official visit to the areas surrounding the Grand Palace and Rattanakosin Island. The tourist police will coordinate with 20 tour companies, asking for their cooperation in parking the vehicles in the designated area for orderly and beautiful scenery.