Red Rally: A Woman Hurls Abuse At Protesters

    (8 May) Our correspondent that the Redshirts, under the leadership of a group called People′s Radio For Democracy, are now rallying in front of the Parliament House in central Bangkok.

    Earlier this morning, the protesters have formed motorized convoys in front of Constitutional Court office in Vibhavadi Road, where they had been holding daily protests for 2 weeks, and marched to the Parliament via Pahol-yothin Road and Victory Monument.

    The convoys were led by over 200 motorcycles, followed by vehicles converted into mobile rally stage, while buses, pickup trucks, taxis, and cars carrying protesters trailed behind. Red flags were flown and red banners attached to the vehicles as they streamed into central Bangkok.

    Our correspondent reported that the atmosphere was largely relaxed, but a minor confrontation broke out after the protesters settled around the Parliament House. An onlooking woman screamed insults at the Redshirts, provoking shouts in return from some protesters.

    The Redshirts guards quickly separated the woman from the crowd and led her into a nearby building to prevent further confrontation, before contacting the police to escort her out of the protest site.

    200 police officers are keeping order around the Parliament, our correspondent added.