Thai Rath HQ Building Rattled By Firework Attack

(11 May) Unknown assailants threw
metal balls and fireworks
at security guard post in Thai Rath newspaper
this early morning, resulting in some damages and 2
security guards suffered minor injuries.

Inspecting the scene, located on Vipharvadee
the police uncovered 2
Petanque balls and pieces of firework.
All evidences were sent to the forensic department to look for any trace of

A security guard told police he
was on duty when,
around 04.45, 4 people on 2 Honda Click motorcycles, all wearing
black jackets and motorcycle helmets, approached the office building.
He was about to ask who they were, he said, when the assailants threw
the metal balls into the building, followed by
the firework.
The culprits quickly escaped afterwards, he

According to the police, 2 safety glasses, estimated to value at 200,000 baht, were shattered while 2
security guards were injured by flying shards of glass. The police added that CCTVs near Thai Rath building were being reparied, thus unable to record the incident.

the attack might be work of ?third party? who wants to cause tension, or it could
result from Thai Rath cartoonist′s remark which compared PM Yingluck Shinawatra to a prostitute and caused much