Thaksin To Skype With Redshirts Rally On 19 May

    (14 May) Redshirts leadership chairwoman said the exiled Former PM Thaksin Shinawatra will give speeches via Skype to Redshirts protesters during their upcoming rally on 19 May 2013.

    The rally will mark 3rd anniversary
    of the final military assault which ended the Redshirts protest on 19
    May 2010. Until the assault, the Redshirts had been camping in Ratchaprasong Intersection and the financial district of Bangkok, demanding then-PM Abhisit Vejjajeeva to dissolve the parliament and call an

    Today, Ms. Tida
    Tojirakarn, chairwoman of the National United Front Of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) outlined the rally
    in a press conference to reporters. Events include motorized convoy traveling around the city to lay down flowers
    in spots where Redshirts were killed during the military operation, speeches, and lighting of
    20,000 candles in the

    She estimated that over 100,000 Redshirts
    will show up.



    Ms. Tida added that Mr. Thaksin
    will skype to give speeches and honor the martyrs who died in 2010. There will also
    be exhibitions showing photos and videos of the crackdown.

    Meanwhile, Ms. Payao Akhard, mother of Ms.
    Kamonkate Akhard (aka. Nurse Kate), the medic volunteer who was shot and killed while tending to the wounded on 19 May 2010, said she would make merit to her daughter′s
    spirit at Pathumwanararm Temple – where Nurse Kate was killed 3 years ago. She said she would make merits to spirits of 5 other people
    who were killed alongside Nurse Kate in that temple as well.

    The religious service is scheduled to
    take place at 10.00 on 19 May 2013. Ms. Payao said she would address
    reporters about her experience in the last 3 years