Letters To Editors: 13 May 2013

Trang Railway complaints

Dear respected editor of Khaosod,

My wife lives in Trang and I have to use the Bkk-Trang rapid train quite frequently since I think trains are safer than other modes of travel.


However, I am quite disappointed by one trait of this mode of transport, and I have heard countless complaints from fellow passengers. The trains are always severely delayed without proper reason. You can say this almost always happen.

The train is set to arrive at 8.05, but every time I reach Trang no earlier than 9.30. On April 29th, I actually arrived at 11. No Governor of the State Railway of Thailand was ever able to solve this situation.

I’m just imagining for fun and requesting that if by some chance Governor of the State Railway of Thailand is reading this, can you please reduce the rate of delay from 100% to 60%, pretty please?

Weera Wittaya


I think we all know the meaning of the phrase “Thai trains: you either arrive or you don’t,”

However, the current Governor of the State Railway of Thailand, Mr.Prapas Jongsanguan, is an innovator and I think if he knows of your complaint, he would be very interested to improve the situation, or at least explain the delays.

Khaosod editorial team

Suggestion to hand out water containers

Dear Editor of Khaosod,

For this year’s drought, the water and flood management committee is planning to distribute plastic storage tanks filled with waters to village centers in 15 provinces, with the budget of 300 million Baht.

However, by the time the storage system arrives, the drought would have already passed and it would be already raining.

I would like to suggest they distribute Oang (folk household water containers made of clay) instead since it is more convenient and a lot cheaper.

With each family placing Oang in front of their houses, the trucks can just come and fill water in these containers.

This way is also better for families with old or handicapped members and small children who are unable to walk to the district center and get the water by themselves. Most of the people in the villages are either old or young since the working aged members are off working in the city.

Thank you



Your suggestion will surely reach the eyes and ears of the water and flood management committee so that they can take into consideration the opinions of the villagers.

Khaosod editorial team