19 Python Eggs Offer Clue To Lotto Number

(15 May) Earlier today, Mr.Pichit Gliagutan, head of Sawangrojtummasataan rescue foundation, received reports of a large python laying numerous eggs at the roots of a tree in a cassava plantation in Chonburi province.

The rescue team found many python
eggs near a tree stump in the plantation, but did not immediately see the
python. After a 20 minute search, the 3 meter long python, which weighed 40
kgs, revealed itself and was caught by the team along with 19 python eggs.
They were all released back to the wild in a secluded forest.

A local
informed the team that he was on a motorcycle when he first spotted the python
and had followed it to its nest where he discovered the eggs.

He was
worried that once the eggs were hatched, the plantation would be crawling with
snakes which may become a danger to the people around, so he called the rescue
foundation to take them away to a safe place.

Mr. Pichit said
that since he started working for the foundation, he had been catching
snakes for 10 years but has never seen pythons lay eggs so close to human
residence. This may be due to the rain lately which may have flooded its usual

Locals who were aware of this incident came to see the snake and its eggs, interpreting the number of the eggs as a lucky lottery number.