Pheu Thai Demands Abhisit's Apology For 2010 Crackdown

    (19 May) Mr. Anusorn Eiamsa-ard, vice spokesman of the ruling Pheu Thai Party, said in a press conference that the Party joins the Redshirts in honoring the "fighters who struggled for democracy" on the occasion of 3rd anniversary of the military crackdown on Redshirts? mass protests in central Bangkok.

    Pheu Thai Party expresses its gratitude for the protesters? great sacrifice…your bravery in the fight for democracy has been noted around the world, Mr. Anusorn said.

    The protesters were camping in central Bangkok for months, demanding resignation of then-PM Abhisit Vejjajeeva and a new election. Mr. Abhisit was appointed prime minister by the parliament in late 2008 after 2 prime ministers close to former PM Thaksin Shinawatra were ousted by the court, a move seen by Redshirts as undemocratic.


    Mr. Anusorn said that it was Abhisit administration that answered the Redshirts? call for democracy with hails of bullets by ordering the military to forcefully dislodge the protesters from their camp site in Bangkok′s financial district. The vice spokesman said Mr. Abhisit should publicly apologize and take responsibility for his actions. He also called the former PM a hypocrite, contrasting Mr. Abhisit′s support of the Yellowshirts protests in 2008 with his hostility toward the Redshirts protests.


    Mr. Abhisit likes to repeat the discourse about ?political responsibility? but it′s just a cosmetic, fake discourse. The person who claimed to follow that discourse has never taken any responsibility for his atrocities and never uttered a single apology, Mr. Anusorn said.

    On the same day, Bangkok Post published interview with Mr. Abhisit, in which the former PM insisted his innocence.