Police: Ayutthaya Muggers Who Target Tourists Arrested

(21 May) Police in Ayutthaya province said they have arrested muggers who preyed on many foreign tourists.


In a press conference, the police said they raided a house in the province′s Old City district after receiving numerous reports that the suspects were residing there. The house owners, Mr. Wasin Yaiwangnar, 21, and his wife Ms. Ariwan Paanfuen, 19, were apprehended and escorted to the police station for interrogation.

The pair reportedly confessed to the crimes. Mr. Wasin told police he would drive the motorcycle around the ancient capital city, Ms. Ariwan riding with him, until they come across unsuspecting foreign tourists. Then, he said, Ms. Ariwan would snatch the items and he would speed away.

The latest case appeared to take place on 17 April when a Polish tourist was mugged of his mobile phone and 1,000 baht in cash near Lokyasutha Temple. The suspects said they had committed such crimes for 6 times. As for the stolen money, they said they spent on traveling and drinking around the city.