Pichit Woman Shot Dead By 'Jealous', Drunken Husband

(5 June) At 03.00 today,
Pichit police received reports of a shooting and rushed to the scene to find Ms.Boosarin Indarapun,
39, shot dead by a shotgun in the back, lying lifeless on the floor of her residence.

suspect did not flee, but gave himself in to the police, along with the murder weapon.
Investigations revealed him to be Mr.Somsak Kraiwun, 50, the husband of the victim. He has been
detained at Tublor police station and will be lawfully prosecuted for premeditated

Initial investigations revealed Mr.Somsak to have several wives. According to the
police, Ms.Boosarin was one of his newer more attractive wives and he used to get drunk and cause a
scene at the house out of jealousy very often. Police say some neighbors even avoided walking past
his house when he was drunk because he would accuse them of sleeping with his wife.

the incident, Mr.Somsak was very drunk and a fight broke out between him and Ms.Boosarin where she
forbade him to drink alchohol. Furious at his wife, he physically abused her and she fought back
with a knife. Mr.Somsak then took a shotgun that was in the house and shot Ms.Boosarin to death, a
senior police officer at the station said.