Pregnant Woman 'Strangled To Death' By Her Husband

(5 June) Prachuap Kiri
Khan police received reports that an official at the provincial juvenile detention center was found
dead, and rushed to the scene along with rescue workers.

The incident took place in a one
story house on Petchkasaem Road. Inside the bedroom lies the body of Ms. Kawisara Tawitsung, 35, an
officer at the juvenile detention center, on her bed wearing a pink t-shirt and cartoon print

Around her neck, was a rope mark, he face was darkened and on the corners of her
mouth were residue of bathroom detergent. Beside the body was a bottle of bathroom detergent, and on
the bed was a cellphone, a wallet, a purse, a pen, and a torn piece of paper from a calendar.


On that piece of paper was suicide note from her her husband, Mr.Kunchai Singharat. The
letter stated that if they could not be together in this world, they would have to be together in
death as a family.

Ms.Kanokorn Sookboon, 27, sister of the victim said that she and her
husband came from Surat Thani province to visit her sister and called her in the evening to plan
their dinner. However, when they got to the house, all the lights were off and all the doors were
locked. Her sister did not pick up the phone and could not be found anywhere.


Then, she
said, she received a call from the victim’s husband saying that he had already killed her and the
body is in the house. Ms.Kanokorn broke through the back door and found her sister dead on the

Investigations revealed that Mr.Kunchai approached the victim while she was asleep on
the bed and poured bathroom detergent into her mouth and used a rope to tie around her neck until
she died. Then, he wrote a letter saying that his wife was planning to leave him, even though she
was pregnant with his child.

Police believed that after asphyxiating his wife with a rope
around her neck, Mr.Kanchai was set to commit suicide, tying the noose to the ceiling, with a chair
positioned just below. However, he must have changed his mind and abandoned this plan and fled the
scene. Police are now on the hunt for him.