Red Payao Leader: Farming First, Protest Later

(9 June) Leader of the
Redshirts in Payao province indicated that his group would probably not the counter-protest against
the anti-government protesters because of farming season.

the chapters of National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) in 17 northern
provinces have called for a mobilization of Redshirts to stage rally in Kampaengpetch province on 10
June, where the cabinet is scheduled to meet and anti-government protesters are expected to

But Mr. Thanapat Chaichana, representative of UDD in Payao province, said today that
his group will not officially participate in the upcoming rally, citing the locals? need to
tend to their farms and rice fields.


Rainy season is approaching. We have to farm our rice,
we have to suspend political actions and turn to our daily jobs, he said, explaining that Payao
Redshirts would resume their political role after their main jobs are completed.


Mr. Thanapat said he expected some locals in Payao to join the rally in Kampaengpetch province in
their own capacities.