Vice Govt Spokesman Disagrees With Redshirts' Actions At Lamphun

(11 June)
The vice spokesman of the government,
Mr. Pakdiharn Himatongkum, said the Redshirts had gone too far
when their supporters staged a protest near the venue of Democrat Party′s rally in Lamphun province
on Saturday (8 June).

Democrat Party supporters at the rally complained of fireworks and
other projectiles fired by slingshots from direction of the rowdy Redshirts crowds, and Mr. Abhisit
Vejjajeeva, the chairman of the Democrats, publicly criticized the Redshirts about

Nonetheless, Mr. Pakdiharn said that Mr. Abhisit should also ask himself why there were
people acting violently against him in a manner as one who lost his patience.



The vice spokesman
offered an answer himself, saying that the Redshirts in Lamphun province are tired Mr Abhisit′s
lies and distorted facts he had spoken at the rally.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sombat Boonngam-anong, leader of Red Sunday group which
is a relatively progressive wing of the Redshirts mass, voiced his dissatisfaction with the Lamphun
Redshirts on his Facebook, saying that the Redshirts had no legitimacy to disrupt rival groups?

If we demand democracy, we have to respect its principles. Everyone has the right
to speak, Mr. Sombat wrote, if the Redshirts movement continues to behave this way, Redshirts who
had been holding the banner of democracy might be dissuaded and take off their