'Deep Sleep' Driver Causes A Scene In Pattaya

(19 July) A driver fallen
asleep in his parked car on a busy Pattaya road became centre of attention from other motorists and
police officers who thought he was dead.

The stir was caused by a black car parked in the
middle of the road in Central Pattaya, Chonburi province, near a red light intersection. The engine
was left on and a man, believed to be around 30-35 year old, could be seen slumping on the driver

As the road is a busy one, usually crowded with cars entering Pattaya, the parked car
caused much traffic problem. Some motorists, racing toward the green light, almost hit at the
vehicle and managed to swerve away at the last moment. A large traffic jam soon formed around the


Traffic police were alerted by some locals and motorists. At the scene, many
methods were attempted to wake the driver up, like police officers blowing their whistles and bus
drivers honking their loud horns around the car, to no avail. Some people also knocked and shook the
car, but the driver remained deeply asleep.


An hour later, the police officers decided to
forcefully open the car window to reach the man. Yet the man did not respond to the officers. The
crowd started to fear that the man has passed away when he finally woke up.

The driver, who
was in confused state, simply asked for wet towel to wipe his face. All he would say is that he had
a residence in the area. He sped away in his car shortly afterwards, leaving the crowd of locals and
police officers somewhat baffled by the incident.