14 Year Old Girl Raped By Father, Grandfather, Granduncles

(21 July) Police in
Chonburi province rescued a 14 year old girl after receiving reports that she had been repeatedly
raped by 4 relatives in the family, including her  father and grandfather.

Ms. A, a
resident of Bang Saray District told the police that her grandfather first raped her when she was 9.
She was too scared to tell her parents, the girl recalled.

Several months later a younger
brother of her grandfather reportedly found out about his brother′s sexual abuse of the girl,
but he ended up raping her too. Later, the youngest brother of the 3 elder men also raped her,
according to the victim.


The alleged tragedy did not end there, as the girl told police that
her father raped her as well. The victim claimed that the man would even rape her when her mother
was sleeping in the same room. Ms. A said she had no way out and had to endure living in the same
house with the 4 rapists.

She said her youngest granduncle treated her as his own mistress,
which eventually led to the violence that prompts police intervention. The 4 men were said to have
ended up fighting each other because of jealousy over the girl. Her father and her youngest
granduncle reportedly went as far as engaging in knife fights, which scared the girl so much she
told her ordeals to her mother.


The mother later reported the issue to the sheriffs, who in
turn contacted the police to search the house and rescue the girl.

Her mother later told our
correspondent that once she heard the tragedy, she was unable to stomach the story of what her
husband had done, and even grabbed the knife to attack him. She also expressed her regrets that she
had been so focused on the family financial income that she did not spend time with her daughter as
much as she should.

Police said they had arrested all 4 suspects, who denied all allegations.
In the meantime, Ms. A was sent to the hospital for medical check-ups. The police investigation into
the matter is underway.