Lampang Woman Shot Dead By 'Bitter Ex-Boyfriend'

(26 July) A man shot his
ex-lover dead in Lampang Province after she reportedly refused to get back in a relationship with

Receiving report about a shooting at Nun-Ngone restaurant in Mueang District, the police
arrived at the scene to find the dead body of Ms. Thidarat Kosuto, 25, a waitress at Nun-Ngoen

Gathered at the scene were her sisters and co-workers, who also lived in the
residence close to the restaurant. The told the police that  Mr. Somboon Boonnum, former
boyfriend of the victim, had murdered her.

Ms. Thidarat’s sister told police that her sister
and Mr. Somboon recently broke-up and Mr. Somboon tried to get back together, but Ms. Thidarat had
always insisted on the breakup.

On the night the incident took place, Mr. Somboon came to
talk to Ms. Thidarat as usual, and no one took much notice, according to witnesses. They all went to
work, and left Ms. Thidarat talking to Mr. Somboon outside the residence.

Moments later, they
heard a gunshot, they said, before they saw Mr. Somboon fleeing the scene on his

The staff later called the ambulance to rescue the woman, but it arrived too
late. Ms. Thidarat passed away with the big wound on her chest, caused by a shotgun.

Somboon, who believed to be the murderer, is now on the run. The police say he is a man of Tai
ethnic in his 30s, and works as a salesperson at a clothes stall on weekend flea markets. The police
are still trying to locate him and have asked citizens for any possible