4 Suffocated To Dead In Ubon Mushroom Greenhouse

(14 August) 4 people
reportedly died of asphyxia in a sealed mushroom incubator workshop.

Mr. Sathon Lathuli, 42,
the owner of a mushroom farm in Mueang district, Ubon Ratchathani Province, was found dead along
with 3 of his relatives, said Ms. Sa-ngiam Lathuli, Mr. Sathon’s relative and a worker at the

Along with Mr. Sathon, Ms. Sompong Kasemmanee, 37, Ms. Supawinee Lathuli, 20 and Mr.
Roong-arun Kasemmanee, 14, were also found dead at the scene.



Ms. Sangiam told police that
she went into the incubator after she noticed that Ms. Supawinee did not return home yesterday
evening. She then found the 4 bodies inside the incubator, and called for help from other people to
open the incubator’s roof, but it was too late.

The 4 people were pronounced dead at the
scene, and police said they did not find anything suspicious. However, the police said they would
still conduct tests on the victims? blood examples to find any trace of chemical

According to our correspondent, this kind of accident rarely happened in
Thailand, but media reports in the past documented how pipe workers suffered oxygen deficiency
inside the tunnel which contains low oxygen level.