Air Force Evacuating Thai Nationals From Egypt Unrest

(18 August) The Thai government has
authorised the evacuation of Thai citizens from Egypt, the nation gripped by the latest waves of
violence that has reportedly claimed more than 700 lives.

Montol Satchukorn, the spokesman of the Royal Air Force, said that 2 C-130 aircrafts have been
dispatched to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to pick up Thai nationals flown from Egypt and return
them to Thailand.

The flight back to Thailand is estimated to take 12 hours, he
said, and the first batch of evacuees will arrive in Bangkok by Monday. The rest will be flown in by
additional C-130 planes, according to the spokesman.

Previously, an
official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said more than 2,000 Thais are living in Egypt, 900 of
which requested an immediate evacuation. Some evacuees will also take commercial flights paid for by
the Thai government, the official said.

The Ministry has also set up a 24 hour hotline for the
evacuation, and has urged concerned Thai nationals to contact it by dialing