Let Society Judge Democrats' Actions, Pheu Thai Says

August) Following the day of chaotic debate in the House of Parliament, which saw some Democrat MPs
throwing documents at the House Speaker and engaging in scuffle with the police, a top official of
the Pheu Thai Party said his party will let the society judge the actions of the


Mr. Udomdech Ratanasatien, the chief coalition whip, was responding to reporters
who asked him why Pheu Thai MPs did not intervene to stop the Democrats from derailing the debate on
Constitutional amendment in the House yesterday.

The House Speaker did his best to let the
session continue, but the Democrat Party did not listen, so we will simply leave it to the society
to form its judgement, Mr. Udomdech said.


If chaos still erupts on the second day of the
debate, Mr. Udomdech said, he will make sure Pheu Thai MPs keep their distance from the brawl. Why
should we join the fight to damage ourselves? he asked.