Parliament Fish 'Sick Of Politics To Death'

(24 August) Hundreds of
carp in the pools on the House of Parliament compound are reported to be sick.

Around 700-800
fish are ill, officials said, and they were floating very still in their ponds. The officials told
our correspondent the fish started to fall ill since Wednesday, and 2 of the fish had died

Later, officials from Department of Fisheries had inspected the ponds, and indicated
that the fish suffered from several infections. The team then dropped some medicine into the

But some staff and visitors to the Parliament think something else is at work here.
They suspected that the fish are ill because the House of Parliament hosted the long-lasting
Parliamentary meeting for several weeks.The fish are sick of politics to death, one of them

Strange events in the Parliament and the Government House are often linked to politics.
In June this year, staff at the Government House spread rumour that the mushroom that blossom on the
House′s green lawn are sign of imminent crisis upon the government.