No Tax Reduction for Brand-Name Goods: Officials

(29 October) Deputy Minister of Finance and the director of Customs Department, Ms. Benja
Louicharoen, finally confirmed that the tax for luxury goods will not be cut.
According to the Deputy Finance Minister,
the latest report on luxurious goods import this year worth a total of THB 100 billion. The product
with highest total is perfume with THB 15 billion, increased by THB 4
Meanwhile, Bags comes in second with THB 11 billion, THB 3 billion higher. Next are watches
with THB 2 billion increase from THB 8 billion.
Clothing sector also earned THB 6 billion in total with THB 1 billion higher.
Eyeglasses doubled from THB 1 billion to THB 2 billion this year, and the rest is miscellaneous
deputy finance minister then admitted that there will be no tax cut on these luxurious import goods
as domestic entrepreneurs would be harmfully affected. Moreover, there is also no guarantee that the
prices will be reduced.
is now up to the Fiscal Policy Office to come up with another approach to support Thailand as a
shopping paradise, regarding the purpose of the government policy, said Ms. Benja.